There is a consensus on what men generally love to see on women. I asked around, and for most men, these five things are top-tier.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

A woman in Palazzo is a very attractive woman. This free, flared trouser, usually made from lightweight fabric is known for how beautiful it makes a woman’s body.

For many men, there’s nothing more attractive than a woman showing off her natural hair in plaited cornrows. This hairstyle exudes natural beauty and it’s especially loved by men.

The lip-gloss and lipliner combination is a killer one that many men love to see on women for the same reason as the cornrows, it looks quite natural but also makes the lips look luscious and attractive.

Every woman looks gorgeous while wearing a bob wig. Bob wigs, with their sharp, curved edges, make women exude an undeniably attractive aura.

Another thing men find irresistible and charming is a well-dressed woman in a formal gown. A close relative to the formal gown is the bodycon. A bodycon is known for bringing out a woman’s beautiful shape.

Of course, these are mere opinions, as women are at liberty to wear whatever they want without heeding what men think or desire…CONTINUE READING>>

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