A man whom you once dated would make attempt or come back to you if he notices that you’re doing better without them. Most men have the perception that they are the only source of joy in your life and therefore when they leave, everything becomes bleak. You must move on successfully with your life and this would prompt him to reach out to you in fear.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Also, men would always come back to you when he realised that you are happy without him. Don’t let a man be your only source of joy. Let him know that you are capable of living a life worth pleasing and this gets his ego damaged. This would cause him to also reach out to you to strengthen his ego.

Your ex-boyfriend would always come back to you when you show him how rare you are in this world. This makes him thing that he made the biggest mistake of rejecting you for another girl. Let them know that your are magical in your own way and can’t always live to please them.

A man would return back to you when he primes you as an emotional rollercoaster. He decides when to you leave and come back for you. Never allow such a man into your life. Once bitten, twice shy, just do away with such people if you have ever been treated in such a manner….CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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