4 Big Brother Naija Stars With The Biggest Scandals That Trended Online The Most In 2021

This year, the big brother Naija show & housemates became one of the most talked-about people in Nigeria following their actions while they were inside or outside the big brother Naija house.

In this article, we will be sharing with you the 4 ex-big brother Naija stars with the biggest scandals online which trended the most this year.

1. Angel JB Smith, Her Life & Her Lifestyle: Since the show ended and Angel continued to trend the most on social media for so many reasons. One of the biggest was over her mode of dressing which many people find improper. However, she has addressed everyone to mind their business and she is okay with the way she dresses.


Angel also trended online after she was spotted partying together with the winner of the show, White Money. Recall that in the house, the two didn’t have much to do together especially during the final week. However, after the show, they were able to be together and sparked some romantic moments which suggested the two might have a thing going on.


Angel also trended online over her age and also because of her controversial Interviews where she said Liquorose and Emmanuel’s relationship is fake and also alleged that Emmanuel flirted with her in the house.

2. Maria, Cubana Chief Priest & Kelvin Infidelity Scandal: A few months after the big brother show, one of the ex-housemates, Maria Chike Benjamin trended online following a scandal that involved dating an alleged married man.


In October, Maria was called out by popular Nigerian businessman and entertainment guru, Cubana Chief Priest alleging that she snatched his sister’s husband and started living with him while he was still married.

The saga became the most trending talk on the internet with shreds of evidence being shared by both parties involved to counter each other’s claims. Following the story, it looked like the people who were involved were on Maria’s side as well as they came out defending her online. After the controversy, the story gradually died down and no source online could tell how far it has been settled. However, a few weeks ago, Maria was also spotted hanging out with the alleged married man in Dubai, UAE.

3. Nengi’s Public Appearance: Ex big brother Naija housemate Nengi has also trended online following an allegation and her appearance.

A few months ago, Nengi purchased a multi-million Naira apartment and also bought a Range Rover SUV which cost millions of Naira. Following the success story, she was accused of having a man sponsoring her extravagant lifestyle.

The issue escalated and became one of the trending topics online. However, Nengi who was not bothered about the rumors never said a word about it and that’s how it does down.


Also, Nengi trended online so much this year after she was spotted walking the street with a pair of bikinis and flaunting her body in public.

The viral video raised a lot of questions about her appointment and position with the government and it made a lot of people drag her online over it.

4. Boma & Tega’s Scandal: Ex-housemates, Boma and Tega became one of the most talked-about housemates from the show following the scandal involving their alleged actions in the house.

While the big brother show was still on, many people thought Boma slept with Tega after the two were spotted making movements under the duvet in the room. The two were also spotted multiple times kissing on camera and got dragged online because Tega was married.

After the two came outside the house, they addressed the issue of movement under the duvet, according to the two, what people thought that made them trend online never happened. Later on, they admitted their mistake and apologized to people following their actions in the house.

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