Sexual abuse in children especially the girl child is an offence that can cause trauma to the psychological state of the abused child.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Studies have shown that lots of children are being sexually molested by adults on a daily basis and to curb this trechous act as a parent, it is important that you educate your young children especially the girls on certain areas to avoid falling victims or being sexually abused.

Regarding this topic, we shall be discussing 3 things every parent should teach their children to protect them from sexual abuse.

1. Teach them to respect their private parts. This goes especially to the girl child. Educate her on the importance and sensitivity of their private parts early and no matter what, they should not allow any one touch them. These include their Virgina, breast, buttocks, or laps.

This will help them know when someone is making advances towards them to avoid being taken advantage of. And if in any case someone trys to do so, teach to have the courage to report such persons to the appropriate authority.

2. They should be taught to avoid visiting or staying in an enclosed place with the opposite gender.

Most of the reported cases of sexual abuse has been in enclosed places where nobody can easily access. It therefore very important that you educate your young children especially the girls on need to avoid staying going to enclosed places as it can trigger sexual assult.

3. Teach them to dress appropriately and avoid exposing delicate parts of their body.

Teach your girl child to always dress well and to cover their body properly as any form of nudity from their part can trigger rape or sexual assult. They should also be taught on how to sit, sleeping postures, dance to avoid being sexually abused….CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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