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Ideological differences have widened the rift between President William Ruto and Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua

President Ruto calls for unity and optimism, while Gachagua predicts challenging times and advocates for regional focus

The public disagreements reflect deeper divisions within the administration, leaving Deputy President Gachagua isolated

The ideological differences between President William Ruto and Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua have intensified, leading to a growing rift between the two leaders.

Revenue Sharing Dispute

A significant point of contention is the “one man, one vote, one shilling” revenue sharing proposal advocated by some Mt. Kenya leaders.

Deputy President Gachagua has thrown his support behind this proposal, which prioritises population as a key factor in revenue allocation.

The argument is that national resources should be shared on the basis of population needs.

In contrast, President Ruto has dismissed the proposal, urging leaders to avoid divisive tribal politics.

“I know the dangers of dividing people on the basis of their tribes. I want to urge those of us who are leaders not to go down that slippery path,”President Ruto stated during a church service in Kimilili.

Predictions for Dark Days Ahead

The tension between the two leaders was further highlighted when President Ruto countered his deputy’s pessimistic outlook for the future.

DP Gachagua had previously predicted challenging times ahead, particularly for Mt. Kenya residents, and called for unity among leaders during an event in Nyandarua.

“I am not too clever and neither am I a fool. There is something I know and when I wake up early and look keenly, I see darkness. I see someone plotting against us and our children being used to divide us,”Gachagua warned.

President Ruto responded by calling for optimism and prayer.

“The future of our nation is great. We are a blessed nation and a blessed country. Those who are predicting darkness and evil, our apostles should pray against them. I am very confident about the future of Kenya,”he declared during a church service.

Political turf

Another area of disagreement is the mandate of Members of Parliament. DP Gachagua has urged MPs to focus on their constituencies and avoid political interference in other regions.

DP Gachagua has been accusing some leaders close to the president of plotting premature succession politics in Mt Kenya.

Gachagua’s sentiments have been challenged by leaders who say he should be mentoring upcoming leaders and not trying to put them down.

“Everyone should remain in their constituencies. Stay in your constituencies! If you have been elected in another place, why are you coming to disrupt other elected MPs? What we don’t want is political tourism,”Gachagua asserted during an event in Uasin Gishu.

President Ruto, however, called on MPs to embrace a broader national perspective.

“It is not a village assembly, it’s the National Assembly. So MPs, you should know you have a duty to your constituency through representation but you also have a duty to the nation through legislation and oversight. You have to get out of your constituency and go to the next place, understand Kenya so that as you legislate in Parliament, you understand your country,”he explained.

Deepening Rift Within the Administration

The public disagreements between Ruto and Gachagua reflect deeper divisions within the administration, extending from the Cabinet to elected leaders.

Some Cabinet Secretaries and MPs have sided with the President on key issues, leaving the Deputy President isolated.

He has challenged leaders from Mt Kenya to join him in championing the region’s interests.

“When you see me move around Mt Kenya and you do not see them with me, ask them why they are not with their leader. If they are not with their leader, who are they with?”he said over the weekend.

In Cabinet, some colleagues are also supporting President Ruto’s remarks warning that Kenya should be a united country and not split along tribal lines.

Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi emphasized the importance of unity, highlighting the President’s leadership in peacekeeping missions.

“Kenya should never regress into conflict, especially when the President is actively promoting peace and security in other countries,”he said.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki also condemned divisive politics, urging Kenyans to embrace unity.“We have suffered in the past; we should not take today’s security, peace, and stability for granted,”he stated.

Defence Cabinet Secretary Aden Duale criticised discussions that some counties could be plotting against others.

He also challenged the Deputy President to fight the muguka menace with the same zeal used in the crackdown against alcohol and substance abuse.

“If we are fighting alcohol in Central Kenya, Rift Valley, Western Kenya and every part of the country, Kenya is one, so we must fight muguka,”Duale said during the commissioning of the Waqf Towers in Eastleigh.

Contentious Muguka Issue

The muguka issue is expected to be another contentious topic within President Ruto’s Cabinet.

While CS Duale supports a ban on muguka, President Ruto recently committed Sh500 million to the muguka/miraa industry.

Agriculture CS Mithika Linturi stated that county laws purporting to ban muguka were null and void as the commodity is recognized by national laws.

Political Sideshows and the Finance Bill 2024

Political pundits suggest that these political sideshows might distract the public from engaging in discourse about the controversial Finance Bill 2024, which proposes punitive tax measures.

As the rift between President Ruto and Deputy President Gachagua continues to widen, the impact on their administration and the country’s political landscape remains to be seen….CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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