In the confines of the Rivers State Criminal Investigation Department, 26-year-old Sarah Nwankpo is detained following the unfortunate demise of her acquaintance, Igbodike Anthony, in Port Harcourt. The unfolding tragedy originated from a heated argument over an intimate encounter in Anthony’s Obiri-Ikwerre apartment.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

According to Vanguard, Sarah, a Senior Secondary School 3 dropout from Ezza South Local Government in Ebonyi State, relocated to Port Harcourt in 2016 in search of better opportunities. The incident occurred four months after she answered continuous calls from the deceased, urging her to visit.

Recounting the events, Sarah shared, “I met him (late Anthony) in Enugu in 2017. In Port Harcourt, I started dating a man, Joe Ibanga.” Despite continuous calls and financial offers from Anthony, Sarah declined due to her relationship with Ibanga. However, on December 22, 2023, she relented and visited Anthony.

On that fateful day, Sarah accompanied Anthony to distribute salaries and engaged in grocery shopping. Later, they shared a meal and had intimate moments, which were documented. The situation took a dark turn when Sarah disclosed her relationship with Ibanga, leading to an argument and eventual physical violence.

In a desperate act of self-defense during the altercation, Sarah fatally stabbed Anthony with a concealed dagger from a detachable head of a walking cane. Her attempts to flee were halted by Anthony’s grip on her hair, alerting the landlord and police.

The police arrived at the scene, apprehending Sarah, who later learned of Igbodike’s death while in custody. The family of the deceased seeks answers, and Commissioner of Police CP Olatunji Disu emphasizes caution in relationships, underscoring the devastating consequences of violence. The investigation into the incident is ongoing, unraveling a complex web of tragic circumstances…CONTINUE READING>>

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