Here Are 2 Things That Affected Salle’s First Song And Made It Not To Be Popular.

The 17 year old Salle took the internet by storm with her great vocals in September when her singing video surfaced on the social media.

With tray hanging below her arm and a cloth wrapped around her shoulder, Kosisochukwu Gospel Peters better known as Salle was running errand for her food vendor mother when some group of people noticed her beautiful voice while singing.

Wowed by her singing talent, these people recorded a video of Salle singing to a beat and shared it on social media. The video quickly went viral while many people began to express admiration for Salle.

That was how Salle became a star and started reaching out to her fans through her Instagram page.

However, weeks had passed and it was becoming a run against time for Salle to produce her own song, which never came until early December. Salle released her first single titled Let Me See in December 3rd, but the song was a commercial failure.

As at today, 3 weeks after Salle released the song, its official audio has only gathered 21k views on YouTube, 12k plays on Boomplay, 5k plays on Spotify and 60.8k total plays on Audiomack. Meanwhile, the song has not only got minimal audience on the internet, Salle has never been able to perform the song on stage due to the fact that it is not popular.

Meanwhile, some factors can be attributed to the poor performance of the song, and these are what we will be looking at on this post.

1. Record Label

Salle released her first single as an independent artist. Due to some reasons, the youngster could not secure contract deal with any recording company in Nigeria. Record labels are usually the ones who supervise music production of the artists signed under them.

In other to support artists under them, record labels usually engage the service of some of the best music producers and other crew members to work with their artists when in the process of releasing a song.

Beyond production process, record labels usually deploy all their resources to ensure the songs produced by their artists get good publicity both on the internet and offline. However, Salle could not get any of these quality services as she worked as independent artist with relatively less famous crew members.

2. Time Factor

The second factor that worked against Salle was the time interval between her being discovered and the eventual release of her song.

It took Salle more than two months to produce her song. As a result of this, Salle failed to utilize the free publicity she was getting from the media because by the time the song was released, all the noise over her had already died down. Salle admitted that the song was coming late, blaming some technicalities, when it was released.

Hopefully, Salle will get chance to work with a better team that will give her all the necessary supports in her subsequent projects.

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