In the quiet community of Kahunga 1 Cell, Kahunga Parish, Ntungamo District, a tragic incident unfolded, marking the demise of 109-year-old Bakasisa Constancio. The elderly peasant, who had witnessed over a century of life, met a brutal end through stabbing, and the alleged perpetrator was none other than her 110-year-old husband, Babiiha Dominic, a fellow resident of the same household.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

According to SP Samson Kasasira, the sequence of events leading to this gruesome act began on the evening of December 14, 2023. Following their supper, the suspect, Babiiha Dominic, requested his wife, Bakasisa, to join him in their shared bedroom. However, Bakasisa, feeling weak and battling a persistent cough, declined the invitation. As a result, the elderly couple retired to their separate rooms, with Bakasisa accompanied by two of their great-grandchildren.

The tranquility of that night shattered the following morning around 7 am when Babiiha Dominic raised an alarming cry. Intrigued and concerned, one of their great-granddaughters, a 10-year-old, cautiously opened the door to investigate. To her horror, she discovered Babiiha armed with a bent panga, and with a chilling command, he ordered her out of harm’s way.

What followed was a heart-wrenching scene of violence as Babiiha Dominic mercilessly stabbed Bakasisa Constancio multiple times. Fearing for her safety, the great-granddaughter fled the house, seeking urgent help from nearby neighbors. Responding promptly, the neighbors arrived at the residence to a nightmarish tableau. Bakasisa lay lifeless, and Babiiha had barricaded himself inside his room, eventually found unconscious beside a bottle of agrochemical.

The authorities were swiftly alerted, and the police, upon arrival, transported the suspect to Itojo Hospital for medical attention. At the crime scene, investigators meticulously documented the evidence, recovering the murder weapon for examination. A postmortem examination was conducted on Bakasisa’s body, revealing the brutality of the assault.

Preliminary investigations hint at a deeply troubling motive behind the violence — the denial of conjugal rights. Despite being a married couple residing in the same house, Babiiha and Bakasisa opted to sleep in separate rooms, a decision that, tragically, culminated in a fatal act of violence.

As the community grapples with shock and sorrow, the police emphasize their condemnation of all forms of violence. They encourage members of the public to seek nonviolent avenues to resolve disputes and urge individuals facing challenges in their relationships to seek assistance from relevant authorities. The investigation into this heartbreaking incident remains ongoing, shedding light on the complexities that led to the untimely end of Bakasisa Constancio…CONTINUE READING>>

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